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What is AccuTrans?

AccuTrans has become an indispensable crime scene tool used throughout the world to lift fingerprints from difficult surfaces. AccuTrans is a vinylpolysiloxane derivative specially formulated for forensic applications that is tear resistant and has tremendous dimensional stability. Once prints are developed by magnetic powders or by fumed applications, this flowable material is easily applied by extruder gun.

Disposable mixing tips blend the material perfectly every time with no hand mixing required. It comes in clear transparent which eliminates reverse prints, allowing the 1:1 lifts to be entered into AFIS immediately. The material also comes in white, brown and black for lifting tool marks and making firearm and casting impressions. AccuTrans sets in 4 minutes at 68°F. For cold weather climates AccuTrans has developed its latest formulation – the brown-colored “ICE” material. At -14°F to +10°F, AccuTrans ICE sets in 8 minutes or less, compared to the standard formula which takes 30 minutes or more. The FBI, State Bureau’s and many local police departments were the original field evaluators for AccuTrans. The product has been used to lift fingerprints and blood prints (dried) off of rough, curved and pitted surfaces.

“If you can develop the print, AccuTrans can lift it.”

AccuTrans is being used in countries around the globe. Every year since 2006, classes have been held at the IAI international conference as well as divisional conferences. The classes are always packed! This game-changing product deserves to be recognized as one of the best forensic products of the year!